Working for the People in Bannock County
Updated On: Jun 26, 2018

My name is Chris Abernathy, I have spent my entire life, a total of 52 years here the state of Idaho. I am running for the Idaho House Seat A in District 29A. For over 23 years I have worked as an IBEW electrician and have served the people of Bannock county. After these 23 years of seeing the hardships my family, friends, and neighbors have dealt with I believe it is time for Bannock County to have a represeantive of the common man.

 Our education system is Idaho has failed our students and our teachers. As parents we need to fund our schools so our children and future generations have a foundation for success.

Healthcare in Idaho has led to over 67,000 Idahoans being unable to afford healthcare. This is not right, it is clear through the Medicaid expansion push that there is bi-partisan support for a healthcare revamp.

Education, jobs and wages go hand in hand. Companies will bring better jobs and higher wages to the state if we are able to prove that we have an educated and dedicated workforce here in Idaho.

With your vote in November I promise to work the hardest I ever have to provide the tools that the people of Bannock County and Idaho need to succeed. I will be the voice of the working man, not the elite.