• Pocatello Deserves Better

      The people of Pocatello deserve better than what our state legislators have been giving to us. We deserve better jobs, a better education system, better protection of our public lands, better security of our families and individual rights. I will work to make sure that all Idahoans have more opportunities for a better life by securing access to all of these.

      Better Jobs

      I believe that an honest day's work deserves an honest day's wage. For too many Pocatellans wages have not kept up with escalating costs of child care, healthcare, tuition, housing and day-to-day expenses. If Pocatello and Idaho is to prosper, we must improve incomes for hardworking people, support reasonable investment that attracts higher-paying careers and improve opportunity for our graduates in Idaho, not sending our educated workers to other states.

      A Better Education System

      Strong and successful communities start with our children's schools. Pocatello's kids deserve a world-class education with a full school week, a challenging curriculum and a safe learning environment. We can fully prepare our young people for the jobs of the future by investing in our public schools and providing affordable post-high school education for Pocatello's working families.

      Better Protection of Public Lands

      I will strive to keep Pocatello a great place to live, work and raise a family. As your representative, I will do everything that I can to protect our public lands from private interest groups and provide a clean environment so that every Idahoan lives in healthy safe community with a high quality of life.

      Better Security for Families and Defense of Individual Rights

      Pocatello's families need a better state government, one that works. Works to protect the health and security of our families, this should be our top priority. Protections from fraud and abuse, make sure that insurance companies cover basic services that families depend on and hold pharmaceutical companies accountable so that Idahoans will receive needed medications without worry about making ends meet.  Pocatellan's deserve a government that will no longer allow the wealthy and special interest groups to drown out the interests of hard working people. One that protects the constitutional rights of all Idahoans, I'll work hard to guarantee that our state government will stay focused on the right priorities that will create a brighter future and real opportunity for you, your children and grandchildren.

      This is why I am runing for Idaho State House of Represeentatives District 29 A, as a working man to represent the working people in Pocatello.



      *Information taken from https://www.bannockcounty.us/elections Please visit the official site for more information.

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