Meet Chris Abernathy

District 29 Representative Seat A

For 23 years I have dedicated my life to working for my union brothers and those who needed our services. Growing up in Pocatello I never believed that I would be in the position I am today. Our great state and the people of Bannock County need to be represented by a blue-collar working man who understands the needs of the people, because they are my needs as well.

I pledge to work for the common people, ensuring everyone has access to jobs and wages that can guarantee a stable living situation.

I pledge to fight for healthcare access for all Idahoans who need it. Without access to healthcare people do die, contrary to what some lawmakers in our state may tell us.

I pledge to fight for our teachers, education is a key component of a flourishing society, but it requires educators who are qualified and paid to ensure our children are set up to become successful contributing members of society.

Finally, I pledge to fight to keep Idaho's public lands available to the Public. Our state lands are our greatest resource and they should not be sold to private owners that will lock us out of the right to enjoy our Idaho. 

Idaho cannot forget about the workers who have made our state such a desirable place to live. I hope you will join me in fighting for our great state.

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