Holding Government Accountable and Defending Your Rights
Updated On: Jul 26, 2018

I will work to ensure that wealthy and special interests don’t drown out the interests of hardworking Idaho families. We must also work to protect the Constitutional rights of all Idahoans. I will work to guarantee that our state government focuses on the right priorities that create a brighter future and real opportunity for our children and grandchildren.


  • Reviewing all tax exemptions every five years and reauthorizing them only after careful review to make sure they are working as promised.
  • Holding politicians who squander our tax dollars accountable by creating an Inspector General’s office to investigate waste, fraud and abuse in government.
  • Protecting the fundamental right of all eligible Idahoans to vote and ensuring that those who find it a challenge to vote are able to participate fully in our democracy.
  • Preventing government from releasing our private voter information.
  • Ensuring our criminal justice system is sensibly targeted to protect Idahoans from harm.