Better Schools
Updated On: Jul 26, 2018

Strong and successful communities start with our children’s schools. Idaho’s kids deserve a world-class education with a full school week, a challenging curriculum and a safe learning environment. We can fully prepare young Idahoans for the jobs of the future by investing in our public schools and making post-high school education more affordable for Idaho’s working families.


  • Instituting an effective, statewide early childhood education program to enhance every child’s educational opportunities.
  • Fixing our teacher shortage by investing in the next generation of educators and by providing current teachers with top-quality professional development programs.
  • Working within our means to stop tuition hikes and keep access to post-high school education affordable.
  • Providing our school districts with badly needed resources so that no matter where you live, your kids receive an excellent education.
  • Reducing high-stakes testing so that students and teachers can focus on what really matters - learning.
  • Incentivizing businesses to partner with students and employees to advance education access and career readiness.